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Come join us for a TEAM WES fund raising event! Saturday June 26th at Flirts in Lehi. Save the date! More come...

Georgia combing the dreads.
Wes is getting into a routine at the rehab unit. He got to put on normal clothes for the first time today. He is still having a rough time coping with knowing his legs don't work. They wanted to put him on a mild anti-depressant, but Wes did not want that at all. I say good for him! I know he can get through this! They want him to have family with him a lot right now, I'm sure for the support because he has a lot of work to do to heal.
Via Aunt Diane

Wes was doing good today. Only needed to be suctioned a couple of times. He is off the big vent still but has oxygen on at 40% and it is attached to his trach. He slept mostly this AM but then they moved him to the sugical inpatient rehab unit rm 2601. Everyone is extremely nice and accommodating. They explained to Wes about the exercises they will be doing and what there goals are for him. It was an exciting moment but an emotional time for him at the same time. A new room, new Drs and nurses, but I think he realized how really hard and long it is going to be and he teared up and was like a little boy without a home. It was hard but all the people here were very upbeat and encouraging. His good friend Micha was with him when I left. He was trying hard to smile. Love you Wes! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!
Update: Wes has had the vent tube off the trach since 7:30 this morning and is doing really well. He has been able to cough up all the secretions himself and not have to be suctioned. Hopefully they will hook up the voice tube in the next few days and then get transferred to the rehab unit!

Via Georgia:

Wes is still in the ICU but got to go out today in the wheelchair bed for his second time. he had us walk him all around & he got a good view of the valley. They are going to take the vent off today and try him breathing on his own. Hope it goes well.